Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Broken New Year's Resolution

The morning sunlight streaming in through the open window wasn’t what woke Tim out of a dead sleep, it was the sound of someone beating on his door that seemed as loud as if they were beating on his ear drums.  
“TIM!” a woman screeched as she proceeded to pound on his front door.  He recognized the voice and was eager to answer until he stood up and saw the body lying on the floor next to him.  With the strength of a tsunami, the previous night’s events washed over his consciousness.  
The club, his ex-girlfriend being fondled by the now-dead man, the fight.
“Open the fucking door!” Tim could tell that Sarah’s voice was getting hoarse from screaming.
“Just a sec!” Tim snapped out of his reverie and his stomach clenched in panic.  He couldn’t let her in with her boyfriend’s body lying face-down in a pool of his own blood and he didn’t have time to clean it up.  He tossed a throw blanket onto the body and ripped the couch cushions off to surround the corpse.  Stepping back to survey his attempt to cover his tracks, he decided that there was no way she could come in. 
Tim smoothed his crazed hair and straightened his gray t-shirt as he checked himself out in the mirror.  I think I can pass for someone who didn’t kill her new boyfriend.
“Sarah, how are you?” he opened the door just enough to fit his body into the doorframe. 
“Don’t fucking ‘how are you’ to me!  You acted like a complete asshole last night and you need to stay the hell away from me,” she cried as she shoved him in the chest full-force.  “I don’t appreciate you punching Chris in the face, we’re over!” 
Sarah’s face was flushed with anger, her violet hair whipped in the wind as if her emotions had suddenly controlled the elements.  She looked like she wanted to claw his eyes out and it was one of the things he loved about her.  Seeing her this furious made him want to grab her around her waist and kiss her right there. 
A combat boot to the groin made him forget any romantic thoughts he had as he doubled over in agony.  
“If you come near me, I’m going to kick you in the nuts again and slap you with a restraining order,” her eyes met his and from the intensity of her gaze, he felt as if he would erupt into flames.  Without wasting another moment Sarah hopped off the porch and her car tore out of the driveway.  As much pain as he was now in, he couldn’t help but miss her as soon as she was gone.  His first love; the woman he had killed for.  
Tim picked himself and his dignity off of the front step and closed his door behind him.  He looked at the lump on the living room floor and sighed.  Only two weeks in to the New Year had passed and Tim had already broken his first resolution: Don’t kill anyone.

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