Friday, April 8, 2011

Walk Again

I think I wrote this for my husband while he was in boot camp.  Kind of an goofy, odd thing to write in a letter but, I wanted to give him something different to read about:

Walk Again

I'm running frightened 
Down a deserted street
My bare feet hitting pavement
In a constant beat
My heart pounds hard
Can't wait to be home
It's then I get the feeling
That I'm not alone
There's a rustle in the bushes
To my close right
It's a hungry zombie
Looking for a bite
Blood drips from his mouth
Flesh is caught between his teeth 
What's left of his eyeballs
Looks at me as mere meat
My feet are frozen to the ground
Paralyzed yet I want to flee
I don't seize my chance
And he lunges quick at me
I scream and kick
And kick and scream
It's not long before
There are pieces missing of me
His hands claw my stomach
Blood gushes out in waves
My intestines are in his mouth
Too late to be saved
I gurgle my last breath
Death is closing in
I close my eyes a moment before
I rise to walk again 

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